5 Most Common Questions About Driveways

Can you build your own driveway?

Almost anything is possible under the sun. When you desire for a new driveway, we always suspect you will be running into some DIYs. Since the Internet age came and invaded our lives, almost everything is served on a silver platter. Many people seek help by just Googling their query and in a snap they get tons of answers.

As for building driveways, the answer is always yes, and the World Wide Web will yield results for everything you need, all the steps, materials, duration, costs, etc. But for us, our answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. How’s this?

Building a driveway can be done by referring to the instructional videos available. For example, if you are planning to build a concrete driveway, it is less challenging pouring concrete over a base or ground, but it could become a complicated task when it comes to leveling, determining the amount of cement, and getting an attractive result. The complete installation of a concrete driveway is a tough job and can only be perfected by an experienced builder.

As for all types of driveways, here are the common things involved:

  • Building a base where you can pour the first layer of the surface, such as gravel or sand
  • Determining the slope and level to align with your home’s drainage and to prevent it from future puddles
  • You need to have complete equipment or building tools
  • You know how to measure the perimeter for your driveway
  • You should understand the condition of your soil so that you know what surface type is appropriate for your land

Everything looks easy when you watch how it is done. But there is no compromising for the job of a professional driveway builder. Whether your budget works tight for you or you have other plans in choosing to build your driveway by your own skill, it’s your choice. The benefits of a newly laid driveway no matter who built it or what it’s made of will be reaped at the end.

What is the cheapest type of driveway?

It’s just easy to cite which driveway will cost you less. However, several factors affect one’s choice and decision on what type of driveway is to be built on your property. The things you should be considering before you begin your driveway project are the following:

  • Size and dimension. You need to think of your whole property. How big is your home? How much do you have spare land for your driveway? How much length could this be? And How wide? Typical driveways are either rectangular or square. But more common to them all is that it has to fit an average passenger car with a little room to go around. If you live in the suburban spaces, chances are that your driveway will have an unorthodox space. Meaning, you can have the freedom to decide how spacious your driveway could be. With size comes the responsibility to pay more out of your budget.
  • Budget. The outcome of your driveway project will depend on how much you have in the bank to spare for it. Considering the above factor, any changes or additions to your project will affect your spending. So, if you need to go by your driveway choice, you need to be ready for all the expenses. If you decide based on the materials and paving, you can go cheap with gravel, as this is the most affordable driveway surface and requires minimum maintenance. If you can spare a little more of your funds, you can opt for concrete or tarmac. These are more cohesive surfaces and add to your property’s aesthetics. But if you can really shake up your piggy bank, you can go to a more sophisticated type in blocks paving, tiles, or bricks, and resin bound. Whatever is your top priority, for sure you have the allotted budget for that.
  • Maintenance. Let’s say you chose the gravel driveway. It is expected that this type of surface requires periodic maintenance especially when the substrate of soil moves over time. The downside of gravel is that the aggregates are too loose for water to penetrate the subbase and in time may sink. So, new gravel must be added when this happens.

How deep do you need to dig for a driveway?

Your driveway is intended for parking your vehicles. We know at all that vehicles have a certain weight and this affects the stability of the surface when used over the years. Always consider the amount of vehicle and human traffic so that the builder can determine the proportion of thickness from the base to the surface. For example, if you are building a concrete driveway, your base should be around 6 inches deeper than the thickness of the top surface. For many cars parked altogether, add more inches to the base and more to the surface. The ratio of thickness and depth always depend on the materials you choose. Our reliable driveway builder in Bristol will assist you on these matters.

How soon can I use my new driveway?

Many drivers and homeowners get very excited to drive in or away from their newly built paving. Your frontyard is something to be proud of. The reason you spend a lot of money for your drive makeover is because you want to feel the new pavement beneath your car’s wheels instantly.

The time to wait for your new surface before its ready to use depends on the type of material you availed from your contractor. Ideally, if you opt for a tarmacadam driveway, the surface which is composed of hot tar, should take around 24 hours before it gets dried up. For other surface types like concrete, block paving, resin bound, and gravel, you need to inquire with your trusted driveway contractor because different materials involve different times on building and drying.

Using a good product for your surface will also determine the longevity of your driveway. You also have to consider the level of workmanship put in every project undertaken by your contractor.

What’s the best driveway to have in Bristol?

In Bristol, we do block paving, concrete, tarmac, gravel, and resin bound. If your existing surface is a huge mess, professional contractors in Bristol Driveway & Patio Pro will fix it. We turn your old into stunning front yards that will change the aesthetics of your property forever.

We offer a fantastic and first-class driveway service. All you have to do is call us and our representative will answer your queries. Enjoy our no-obligation quote when you call today.