How to Create The Perfect Patio in Bristol

If you’re thinking of adding a patio to your house, there are a few things you need to consider first. You may be tempted to just start digging and see what happens, but this is a sure-fire way to waste money and time. A patio is a great way to add value to your home, and also to make your house more functional and comfortable.

Since patios are such a prominent feature of your garden landscape, it is important that they be planned and built properly.  They can be quite beautiful if the right materials are used, and they don’t have to be expensive.  If you are planning one for your home, these tips will help you put it in the right place, and get the most enjoyment out of it for years to come.

Why build a patio?

Here at the Bristol Driveway & Patio Pro we love patios because they are a source of real enjoyment for those balmy summer days and mild evenings. They are the perfect place to spend time outdoors and if your home has a great patio area we know the satisfaction and pride that’s comes with it.

We aim to build your perfect outside landscape and will work hard with the design element combining our experience with your vision to build something that will set your property apart from the rest.Obviously a home improvement of this nature will definitely add curb appeal and value to home if you plan on reselling someday. But usually a fantastic patio is an indulgence that benefits those who plan to live many happy years in the comfort of their home.

  1. Finding the best contractor for the job or DIY?

Most construction works involving groundworks can be more challenging than other DIY projects. This is why we would recommend using a contractor who has the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience of this professional type of work. This is because some of the materials and processes used do require a skill and knowledge that the average homeowners don’t have, sure you can watch the You Tube videos and give it a go but often this can lead to money and time being wasted when the desired outcome is not achieved. Resulting in a pro contractor being brought in anyway.

We’ve lost count the amount of times we have been called in to rescue a job attempted by an enthusiastic DIYer where the process has overcome them.

So only attempt this is you do have some building experience or have someone who has who can help with the build.

  • The Process of Building a Patio

Building a patio is sometimes likened to a puzzle where pieces have to be found and assembled so that they all fit together perfectly. This is especially true when different shaped slabs or stones are used as the surface. The basic process can be outlined in some simple steps

  • First is the design phase where you measure your area and decide which features you would like, the type of surface and the type of landscaping work that is going to be required. Making sure before you start that you understand exactly what you want to achieve and the processes and materials required to make that happen.
  • Next is the excavation. The ground will need to be dug out so that the base layer can be laid down. This would normally be sand or gravel in the example of laying slabs, block or stones.
  • Then it’s always a good idea to lay a membrane of weed preventing fabric or
  • Choosing the perfect surface

With regards to materials, patios are made of practically one of six fundamental materials. It’s how you manage these materials that can give your open air surface an individual look or individual articulation. The surface type you pick will be controlled by the end result desired, the area of the yard, your financial plan, and the size of the outside space.

Here at the Patio Pro we will give you up to 5 different options to choose from – We can help with slab laying, stone, block paving, resin bound, and concrete or even tarmac patio construction. We can also provide any major groundworks including landscaping, retaining walls, raised flowerbed and we also have a specialist team providing deck building in Bristol.

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