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Gravel Driveways Bristol

Gravel drives are types of driveways that give your home a replenished look for a formerly barren driveway. As one of the offers of Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro, gravel driveways possess a distinct taste in home living and improvement.

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Popular among sophisticated home and property owners, driveways paved with gravel may not be the typical type anyone would have as they would choose other paving more cohesive and compact in resin and composition. But the gravel itself serves as a choice for smart people because the installation of driveways paved with gravel is much less expensive, lasts for years, and easy to maintain.

The gravel, as a material, has a size smaller than cobble. It never goes larger than 3 inches in diameter. Furthermore, gravel is a rock product combined with sand and clay, thereby making it a composite material.

The biggest advantage of gravel in pavements and driveways is its ability to absorb water fast while creating a surface with better stability and durability. Unlike concrete pavement, though they may have the same composition, sheds water faster.

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Driveways and patios paved with gravel could last for many years. Wear and tear, such as weather damage, is inevitable especially that driveways and patios are exposed under the sun and rain perennially.

The key to making your driveway successful is to conduct periodic maintenance. Pots that stand along the patio for a long time will leave potholes, leaving crevices that would damage the surface. The least you can avoid is to spend on extensive repairs, so the material you choose should be the one you believe is more manageable in your capacity. But unlike solid concrete driveways, gravel has less tendency to crack.

For further inquiries on how gravel driveways and patios are laid, contact us through our number. We offer the best workmanship around Bristol and we employ only qualified builders for your home improvement project.

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How a gravel driveway is laid

Your driveway paved with gravel involves simple steps yet attractive enough to catch attention. The driveway material of gravel is chosen not only for aesthetic purposes but also it offers you huge savings in installation and maintenance compared to its competitors.

Gravel driveways can be a do-it-yourself project, but if you want to achieve a professional appeal, you need to hire the skill of an experienced builder or paver. That’s what we do in Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro.

  • Built from scratch, identify the depth of the gravel to use
  • Decide if how many layers of gravel needed to achieve desired thickness
  • Ask for essential information the thickness of each layer; layers should not exceed three
  • Clean the path or ground using a rake
  • Ensure that grass are all pulled out including problematic roots that might still be creeping underneath
  • If possible check for piping on the soil, as this might be damaged in the course of staking
  • Make sure that the ground is levelled using a machinery for flattening
  • Begin to pour and spread the first layer of gravel
  • Continue adding layers while ensuring that each is levelled smoothly to achieve a flat finish
  • Using a bulldozer, pavers will make the stones even more compact to see to it that even the rocks into the soil are solid and will serve a strong reinforcement for the topmost layer


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