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Patio Bristol

– Is your patio needing a facelift?

– we can make it beautiful again!

– stunning designs, quality work!

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Bristol Patio Pro  –  First Class Patios Service

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Home improvement is a priceless achievement that you can add in your backyard, creating a comfortable ambiance, cozier, and one that truly adds market value to your home.

One of the creative endeavors of Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro is the building of patios in Bristol homes. What’s interesting and worth your investment is reflected on the way you improve your home and make it a sweet abode to spend your time with. It is quite a fact that developing a patio is a lucrative undertaking, especially if you let the finished patio sit there without a benefit at all. Adding a patio should never be a project put into waste. If it’s not worth keeping, then it is not worth building.

Your home’s exterior appeal as seen from the street view is something you won’t directly feel and enjoy right away because you have no idea who would admire your home. In reality, there are several benefits you can gain from building a patio than you could ever imagine. The positive impact of your patio journey is for the long-term benefit.

Make your home the most welcoming, warm looking, and inviting place in your community and astound your neighbours and passersby everytime they gaze upon your place.

Bristol driveway pro2

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Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro is your key to unlocking the beauty of your lawn, in addition to your cool landscape gardening if ever you already had it done. Much better with a pool on the side. But the pool is another possibility to be explored.

Several homeowners have an extra piece of land left unattended. With the flourishing property building industry, interior and exterior, many smart homeowners have thought of converting their boring backyard into a patio and make it useful for a long time.

What can you gain in devoting your time and money on that extra piece of lawn into a patio? Let us tell walk you through.

Give your home a lift—a patio is one of the first projects you can think of. But do it with Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro. Yes, we are the pros, and you can count on us!

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Make your home look larger

The supposed-to-be grassy or boring space beside your house can be converted into a patio. Serving as an extension, your patio can be fully functional when you transform it into a comfortable backyard. There are a hundred and one ways and designs you can do with your patio plan. Home improvement and resurfacing companies can apply special treatment to such barren piece of land. And our patio pros can help you with it!

Diversity: You can decide on its design

Over the years, decking and patio resurfacing companies have been keen into converting lawns and backyards for  hundreds of homeowners in the UK. Our team in Bristol offers various patio designs you can refer upon and integrate what you have in mind. Creative ideas will lure you to think what might be best, but your intuitiveness will get you far.

All About Our Company Guarantee

Your home is the best place to be on Earth, we guarantee, because where else you would be for the longest time in your life?

That extra space in the backyard could be a place of refuge. Whoever wants to settle and spend some quality time in the roofed patio, no matter the weather, be it snow or summer sun, it is always comfortable to stretch your legs, read your favorite book, play guitar, or doze off for a couple of hours in the couch will make you feel protected, safe, and warm.

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Serving all Towns and Areas in Bristol

Bristol driveway pro

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Bristol Driveway Pro are registered on the APHC competent persons scheme

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Our Mission Is Your Satisfaction

Expert work and skills that is focused on customer satisfaction every time. We are not happy unless you are!

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Affordable High Quality Service

We have skilled experienced contractors in Bristol . We can and will deliver a no comprimise and quality solution

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Hard Landscaping and Retaining Walls

We offer a service that includes most external construction services and can transform your property


The idea of your semi-open patio makes it both an extended indoor and outdoor space. And unlike your open yard space, you don’t need special cleaning to maintain it. You need not spend more money than what you have shelled out when you put your patio because simple everyday cleaning will do the trick.

Create a welcoming mood by giving your home a lift!

Here at Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro, we could only offer the best for you. We know that being best is relative, we mean meeting your expectations when it comes to your taste and distinction of quality.

Your identity and choice reflect from the way your patio is being built. You can have a patio with decking, using only fine materials that can withstand the test of time. What homeowners are keen of is when their exterior homes’ stability against wear and tear. Here with us, we ensure you get a steady build and a patio designed meeting above industry’s standards.

Start extending your home with Patio Pro and we will help you experience like living in a larger home. As makers of driveways and patios, we impressively develop homes with patios and make it an exciting part of your home living.

Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro is confident in every step of the way, as we use our customer base to inspire others believe in our professional and ethical services.