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Resin Bound

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Resin-bound driveways and patio is a special mix of resin and aggregate stones to fill your driveways and patios. Resin is a type of a permeable solution, and it’s good against flooding.

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Resin Driveway and Patios in Bristol!

Public awareness on flood prevention has raised the idea of developing a surface that is flexible and resistant to cracking. To comply with such demand, Patio Pros from Bristol offers resin-bound paving for patios and driveways. Our pavers utilise resin binders to mix with aggregate particles to ensure that the elements are bound together cohesively. When the mixing is done, the coat is applied on the surface and some aggregates are poured on top of the surface. The top aggregates serve as reinforcement for non-permeable resin-bound paving.

For preventing flooding, pavers use the permeable type in order for the moisture and water quickly seep through and drains the top layer to avoid water accumulation and flooding. The water drains off fast since the pavement is designed to absorb it.

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Benefits of resin-bound pavement

  • Gives a solid and lasting finish
  • Low costing and maintenance
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Allows fast drying and draining
  • Slip-resistant against vehicle and foot traffic
  • Can be power washed

1. It is less expensive than asphalt 2. Resin is more environmentally friendly than asphalt 3. Resin drives are easy to maintain 4. These driveways look good! 5. Resin driveways have excellent drainage qualities

resin driveway in bristol

Resin-bound paving are diverse in nature. Our team of pavers in Bristol work on site using skill and above standard workmanship. Putting quality on top of the list in terms of functionality and design, Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro recommends resin-bound paving as the best against anti-slip surfaces.

Recycled glass or quarts are types of pigments you can choose to add as decorative finnish on the surface. 

The resin-bound paving for your patio or driveway is durable against weather damage, as it is built to protect against the harmful UV rays that cause colours to fade. For up to 25 years, the resin bound can look as new if maintained properly.

How We Do It

Our team does a meticulous preparing before heading to the site to pave. We ensure that all the necessary information are gathered and all agreements have been laid down before implementation. Our workers uphold the highest degree of workmanship and ethical standards to avoid conflicts along the way. Based on the agreed job order, our paving contractors for your patio or driveway carry it out inclusive of the materials, duration, warranties, number of manpower. It is a commitment we value and we dedicate our craft to do it right the first time.

Home improvement, such as adding a patio or building a driveway, is an investment on your part, and for that we keep in mind to meet your expectation and increase your property’s resale value.

On our end, we offer and give a clear and accurate information that serve as inspiration for your decision making with regards to the perfect surface design for you. Using our portfolio, we can show you samples of projects and design from which you can compare.

Bristol Driveways & Patio Pro works with excellence in mind. Care to know us, our service and our commitment to what we have built. In this industry, we continue to serve, as long as we believe our customers are happy in what we do.

We are confident in every step of the way, as we use our customer base to inspire others believe in our professional and ethical services.

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